Live performance (Mo’ Jam Mondays @ Nectar Lounge, Seattle)

(Rumba Notes Lounge. Seattle):

Live Recording:



EMERGENCY BROADCAST: Rather Big Storm Gathering Form  

All music videos can be viewed in either of these two formats: https://www.youtube.com/user/teakemusic http://vimeo.com/teakemusic And you can check the fanpage for updates: Teakemusic @ facebook

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Back from the Pine Barrens long enough to feel the poisons of my present work life seeping in my spirit. I just had the chance to give an honest and attentive listen to your music and lyrics since leaving primitive camp, and to be honest, wasn’t expecting much but kept an open mind…Well, I have to admit the refreshing and honest style with the honesty and strength in the message…wow! My request: keep at, keep it true, and don’t allow yourself to be stifled. Real stuff my man…and real good. Prose worth listening to. Peace and blessings. Journey well.


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