Hey there,

Enjoy your stay.

Contact: teakemusic@gmail.com

You can listen to complete collections and song projects here:


You can stream and download individual tracks here:


You can view music videos in either of these two formats:




You can follow the fan page for updates: here: https://www.facebook.com/teakemusic

or follow the instagram for a steady stream of effervescent and/or esoteric images: http://instagram.com/teakemusic

There’s a twitter too, if that’s more what you fancy: https://twitter.com/teakemusic

When asked to describe Teake, a disembodied Elf at the back of the room had this to say:

A rhymin’ shaman. Neo griot. Prophetic Ascetic.

He is said to have sprung directly from the Earth at the spot where Zeus tripped over Hephaestus’ hatchet while dodging Hera’s pots and pans and spilled his seed.

He has been working the land faithfully ever since. He taught Katniss to string her bow. He learned to weave wives tales from Grandmother Black Widow. And learned his times tables from a recumbent Grandfather clock he and his peoples eat their evening meals off of. He taught Aang to slick-talk and to waterbend and taught Prince to genderbend and to dress (R.I.P).

It has been widely rumored that he was sent by a trans-national top-tier peace keeping agency from the Future to curtail the illicit Reptilian government mandated spread of spirit and mind-numbing bio-chemical agents in plastics and globally distributed processed foods and prevent the onset of the 2033 man-made Apocalypse. But I have probably said too much and do not wish to compromise the objective.

Enjoy your stay

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