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Sometimes, when life gets dull, or particularly taxing, I imagine that each of us existed in a space prior to being born where we were bathed in tranquility and fullness and knew only shared light and satisfaction. But we were gnawingly aware of a space ‘out there’, the ‘world’, where things are rough, cut-throat, lives are filled to the brim with headache and heartache small and large, they are riddled with violence and senseless hurt and more often than not seem brutish and short, you constantly look around onto someone else’s plate and see something you can’t have and you long for, or else you look around and see some things you wish you could un-see. And these selves of ours look at all this, and take it in, and are like, I am aware of what I am getting into, but I willingly take one for the team. And they each individually elect to engage with and put themselves through the ordeal, put at risk all the peace of mind and soundness they feel at ‘Home’ in a selfless effort to possibly do their small part in this large matrices of struggling and tugging living breathing entities. They forsake their rest and fullness in one heroic ditch effort to make something of this (seemingly) hostile and distraught but painfully interconnected ‘world’.

And then when I start feeling down or exhausted, I try real hard to think back to that conviction that it must have taken to willingly come ‘here’. And I try my hardest to discern and recognize the majesty of such a bold, and heavily pre-meditated and purposeful decision. And I think to myself, what am I sitting here twiddling my thumbs for. Let me remember who in the world I really am for a second and just..






Survival of the fittest is an illusion… There is nowhere to go but here. Nothing more for any of us to experience than what is all right here. (And there is plenty here that we have yet to experience).

True, each of us will leave this place at the tail end of our biological life span, in the same way a baby’s last waking thought leaves its noggin during peaceful stretches of rest only to pick up where it left off upon awakening. Know you will return. (Well maybe not, you, as you perceive it. But You, certainly.) Know ‘You’ will return.

And when you do return, all that will be left here is whatever it is you left here… when you left here.

So, a word of advice, to all sentient beings past and future, from all generations past and future: Consider your immediate environment, and be mindful to maybe take a stab at fixing it up a bit for your Homecoming.

You’ll thank yourself for it. We all will.





If the current global capitalist framework were simply a system which benefits the few established elites at the cost of rendering the vast majority dependent on subsistence living and morphing them essentially into chattel and victims of their own needs and desperations to fuel the existence of the status quo but the overall system were realistically sustainable, then it would be like ‘meh, … that’s an unfortunate setup, but hey, life’s tough, and past setups have been much worse in human history.’

But, in fact, the reality is that modern global capitalism is all those things (the small wealthy elite feeding on the bones and sweat and tears of the mass of human bodies across the world) PLUS the added ill that the whole structure is unsustainable in that it is literally ruining the environment we exist on piece by piece. So in addition to being morally suspect and despicable, the whole system is also simply unsustainable and headed for either crash, or major fundamental revision, whether we like it or not.

Word is bond


You do not have a mind. You are a mind, you have a body.

And that mind is more vast, transcendent, interconnected, and experienced than you could possibly imagine.

It has touched a great many things and been a great many places.

And will continue to grow and interact and create and transform long after your heart has pumped out it’s last stubborn, insistent spasm of a beat. It was around long before your newborn lungs tasted their first puff of air, and will continue to dance and stumble and uncover itself long after that same lung tissue has returned to enrich the nutrients of the Earth beneath your feet.


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